Get Me To HBO !!

Had to share, fucking awesome !!!!!!!

Quick summary

Ok, here are a few GetMeToHBO facts for you this week:

  • Money in the bag - 14$
  • Posts in this blog - 35
  • Followers - 26
  • Actual donators - 7
  • Days the blog has been up - 41
  • Hope meter - not looking good

you know what to do, babble the fuck on!

Let my people go! and get me to HBO …





How Big Is It ?????????

It’s not gay if it’s in the morning

                                              Kevin Smith

It’s not gay if it’s on a top of a mountain

                                               Kevin Smith

Any more ?

Smodcast 179

Has anybody else noticed that Scott Mosier has become extremely funny ?

In this podcast, I think he gets as much laughs from the audience as Kevin does.

Listen to it here

Movies I am looking forward to seeing
  • Red State (Can’t believe I haven’t seen this yet!) 
  • Monsters 
  • Rare exports (evil santa, check it out) 
  • True grit 
  • Paul 
  • Thor 
  • Super 8 

I do wish Ralph and Kevin will keep their promise to do a “CREDITS” podcast and talk (as they do) about movies.

By The Way - Donations have been down lately. Come on people, hands in pockets !

LIAM NEESON’S COCK IS SO BIG… that the National Weather Service names his ejaculations.

Loved this one.

-theKap’n (via liamneesonscock)


Just listened to both smoviemakers back to back, absolutely awesome.

Richard Kelly and Edgar Wright, how cool are you?